About CCM

Consolidated Chassis Management (CCM) was formed in 2005 addressing industry needs to develop a more efficient model for operating chassis. CCM currently has about 130,000 chassis under management at pools in Denver, Salt Lake City, Memphis, Nashville, Huntsville, Savannah, Charlotte, Charleston, Jacksonville, Atlanta, Wilmington, Tampa, Birmingham, Kansas City, St. Louis, Omaha, New Orleans, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, El Paso, Laredo, Mobile, Chicago, Columbus, Cleveland, Detroit, Louisville, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and Milwaukee.

CCM’s vision is to operate the most efficient chassis pools for all stakeholders at port and inland intermodal locations throughout the United States. The CCM pools are an “open membership” model that allow many chassis providers to operate from within the pools.

The pools are based on a cooperative model developed by OCEMA. Also known as a “gray” chassis pool, they operate on a cost pass through basis. The Pools provide benefits throughout the intermodal network. Terminals are able to reclaim scarce acreage by reducing the number of chassis stored. Motor carriers are able to transit a terminal more quickly, while obtaining a well-maintained piece of equipment. Ocean carrier customers benefit from a more consistent and reliable equipment supply.

Chassis pools enable ocean carriers, leasing companies, motor carriers and others to access international container chassis under one unified management at the lowest possible cost. Unlike chassis fleets operated by individuals, a pool enables operating savings to be achieved by: reducing the combined inventory levels, maintenance and repair economies of scale and reduced repositioning expense through pool member’s synergies.

CCM's Open Pool Model and Management Expertise...

CCM’s open pool model and management expertise creates efficiencies that deliver shared value to its membership.

Become A member

Membership in CCM pools is available to a broad range of intermodal industry participants, including ocean carriers, shippers/consignees, equipment leasing companies, motor carriers, terminal operators, logistics companies and other entities that wish to contribute and use pool chassis.