CCM Mission statement 

CCM's mission is to operate the most efficient and collaborative chassis pools for stakeholders;  its operating philosophy is defined by the following principles:

Availability & Quality CCM is dedicated to provide quality chassis that are available when and where needed by its user community.

Competition CCM will design its product to promote competition and support multiple contribution models.

Fairness - CCM is committed to fairly balancing its diverse stakeholder needs.

Low-Cost CCM’s focus will be to run its pools at the lowest possible operating and administrative cost.

Non-Profit CCM will operate on a “cost pass-through” basis and not add a profit margin to its operations.


CCM's Open Pool Model and Management Expertise...

CCM’s open pool model and management expertise creates efficiencies that deliver shared value to its membership.

Become A member

Membership in CCM pools is available to a broad range of intermodal industry participants, including ocean carriers, shippers/consignees, equipment leasing companies, motor carriers, terminal operators, logistics companies and other entities that wish to contribute and use pool chassis.