CCM KEy performance indicators

  • Operations
    • Service and equipment availability are core values at CCM. CCM understands the impact that a lack of chassis availability can have on all parties in the supply chain as well as the related operational costs. CCM works closely with its terminal partners and members to forecast volumes and ensure that equipment is available to efficiently handle bookings and manage terminal fluidity. CCM’s track record on service over the years has been impeccable due to their focus on equipment availability. 
  • Data Quality
    • CCM is committed to its goal of providing best in class chassis management service to its membership. Data management plays a key role in the quality of service provided. The IT team at CCM has implemented a variety of controls, and balances across the business processes, thus facilitating the consistent and on time delivery of superior data quality.  


CCM offers state of the art technology which offers an unrivaled chassis management experience that is constantly being improved.

Become A member

Membership in CCM pools is available to a broad range of intermodal industry participants, including ocean carriers, shippers/consignees, equipment leasing companies, motor carriers, terminal operators, logistics companies and other entities that wish to contribute and use pool chassis.