01.26.2018Over the Road Policy Changes

Effective February 1, 2018

Most Important changes include:
  • Motor carrier must use the CCM approved OTR vendor to be reimbursed.
  • Pictures will be allowed in lieu of returning casings/tires and parts and will be required. (this is big)
Approved OTR Vendor List

For the following pools, any event resulting in the need of Mechanical Repairs needs to be communicated to the Pool, who will evaluate the situation and recommend a course of action. 

DCCP:  AYoungs@ccmpool.com

MCCP:  MCCPMNR@ccmpool.com

MWCP:  MWCPOTRINV@ccmpool.com

SACP:  SACPOTR@ccmpool.com

Downtime Fleet Management - Tire and Mechanical Repairs

Please choose one of the options below:

1.  Call:  (866) 965-9288

2.  Email OTR@Dwontimefleet.com

3.  Visit:  www.Downtimefleet.com and click "Emergency Roadside Assistance"

4.  Download Down Time's app available through their Website, Google "Play Store" or Apple's "App-Store"