Charleston Motor Carriers

Charleston Motor Carriers,

Effective on Monday, August 15, 2022, SCSPA will deploy their pool product at Hugh Leatherman Terminal.  Consequently, HLT and HLT Chassis Depot will no longer be a start-stop location for the SACP.  This means bare chassis are no longer permitted to be returned to the HLT Chassis Depot or left on the terminal.  In the unlikely event that a chassis is permitted to be dropped at the HLT depot or on the HLT terminal, it will remain in use to the motor carrier.  Drivers are encouraged to return bare chassis to the ITS-ConGlobal depot, located a couple of miles (approximately ten minutes) from the Hugh Leatherman Terminal.

On August 15th and following, SACP chassis may be returned at the locations below.

Near the NCT and HLT Terminals:

1)    ITS-ConGlobal Depot

1451 Bainbridge Connector Road
Charleston, SC 29405
Phone: (843) 744-7892 x 2

2)    Reo Chassis Depot (RCD)

3)    North Charleston Terminal (NCT)

As always, please check CCM Shipments for the most current valid SACP chassis return locations.  

For any additional questions please contact the SACP at: / (843) 881-8513