About Us

Consolidated Chassis Management (CCM) was formed in 2006 addressing industry needs to develop a more efficient model for operating chassis. CCM currently has nearly 90,000 chassis under management at Interoperable Chassis Pools in Denver, Salt Lake City, Memphis, Nashville, Huntsville, Savannah, Charlotte, Charleston, Tampa, Jacksonville, Birmingham, Atlanta, Kansas City, and St. Louis at nearly 300 locations. 

We develop and deploy tools for intermodal supply chain professionals looking to improve upon efficiency and effectiveness of their operations. From our technology to experienced strategically stationed nationwide staff, CCM focuses on management, technology, logistics, and maintenance and repair in all shapes and forms for your intermodal needs.

Our Mission

CCM's mission is to provide high quality equipment fleet management services to the intermodal marketplace. It includes operating the most efficient and effective chassis provision model for all stakeholders, as well as offering state of the art IT Solutions and Fleet Management Services. It will achieve this through the following principles:

  • Fully Interoperable - following a fully interoperable fleet management philosophy driving maximum efficiency 
  • Service Quality – providing Safe and Reliable Chassis to get the job done
  • Availability– having the right chassis in the right place at the right time
  • Flexibility - providing assets across a wide network of operating facilities
  • Operational Efficiency– focused, reliable and consistent process execution across the network
  • Environmental Sustainability – best operational efficiency driving the lowest carbon footprint
  • Focused Management - via a single point of contact, providing objective business execution and impartial decision making

 Click here to learn more about the Interoperable Chassis Pool Model and how it enhances supply chain efficiencies.

Our Staff Coverage

Our dedicated team of data analysts review and respond to inaccuracies ensuring all on and off terminal chassis moves have been captured and that chassis usage is assigned properly to each of the pool participants.

Learn more about our Data Certification

In our field offices...

We have accessible, experienced & local logistics staff strategically stationed throughout each region we operate in.  We work closely with our vendors, major steamship lines, railroads & ports and possess comprehensive marketing knowledge.

CCM is committed to safe and reliable equipment to meet our customers' needs.

  • CCM's M&R inspectors are IICL certified
  • Strict adherence to FMCSA guidelines
  • Annual preventative maintenance inspection

In our headquarters...

Our headquarters, located in Budd Lake, NJ, consists of:

  • Corporate Logistics
  • Maintenance
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resources
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing