The Chassis Pools

CCM Pools address the industry needs, mandated by many ports and railroads, that there is only one primary chassis pool operating at a given terminal facility. The Pools support these requirements for a single pool by allowing chassis leasing companies to continue their "neutral pool" leasing businesses from within the CCM pool. Motor carriers and other entities are also able to become members of the CCM Pools.

"Maximize availability, utilization, and value"

"Minimize redundancy, congestion and waste"

At CCM, we support all Chassis Provisioning options. 

Chassis Pools


Terminals: are able to reclaim scarce acreage by reducing the number of chassis stored

Motor Carriers: are able to transit a terminal more quickly, while obtaining a well-maintained piece of equipment

Ocean Carrier: customers benefit from a more consistent and reliable equipment supply

By joining the thousands of customers utilizing chassis from CCM Pools you can access chassis under one unified management at the lowest possible cost...

Unlike chassis fleets operated by individuals, a pool enables operating savings to be achieved by:

  • Reducing the combined inventory levels
  • M&R economies of scale
  • Reduced repo expense through pool member's synergies


  • Faster terminal throughput
  • Decreased risk of chassis caused service failures
  • Reduced on terminal storage footprint
  • CCM also holds its vendors and partners to high standards to ensure an operation that is as "Green" as possible.