Chassis Pools

CCM operates chassis pools with many types of participants - ocean carriers, leasing companies, motor carriers and other entities sourcing chassis from the CCM pools.  Each of these entities utilize pool chassis themselves or provide the pool chassis to their customers under their own commercial arrangements.  

Currently, CCM pools use the traditional model of defaulting the off-terminal usage to the previous on-terminal chassis provider.  For each chassis use, CCM does not know who the chassis provider will invoice for the chassis expense, i.e. motor carrier or ocean carrier.  Because the commercial arrangements are not known before the chassis is used, the chassis provider defaults to the on-terminal provider.

Usage Assignment Models

Traditional Model
This model is used when the line or chassis provider joins a CCM pool and are assigned a usage day for each day they use a chassis.

New Paradigm - default Usage Assignment

This model is used when the line indicates that they are no longer providing chassis but they have commercial agreements in place. To ensure accurate billing to motor carriers all pool usage is assigned to the chassis provider and the chassis provider distills the commercial data and bills the appropriate party.

New Paradigm - Customer Choice by  exception usage assignment

This model is used when the line indicates that they are no longer providing chassis and usage is switched based on the customer (motor carrier, BCO, NVO, Shipper) selecting an alternate chassis provider. This is only available when the line has indicated that they allow exceptions to their normally dedicated use assignment.

Availability & Quality

In line with our core values of availability and quality, CCM prides itself in operating at the highest standard in the marine chassis pool management business.

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  • Average service levels of 99.5% (Only 0.5% of all moves require a flip)
  • Minimize OOS equipment to ensure demand is met
  • Accessible, experienced local logistics staff with comprehensive local market knowledge
  • Work closely with steamship lines, major customers, railroad, and ports to forecast demand
  • Domiciled fleet at all major rail and port terminals
  • In some regions, CCM is the exclusive provider of chassis for maximum terminal efficiency


  • Heavy focus on hiring experienced maintenance and repair inspectors
  • Extensive training of associates
  • All M&R inspectors are IICL certified (either hired or certified shortly thereafter)
  • Strict adherence to FMCSA repair guidelines
  • Annual preventive maintenance inspection
  • Systematic full chassis inspections occur at time of each repair
  • Premium maintenance system that tracks and monitors all repair related events
  • Frequent audits of vendors to include their service vehicles, tools, work space, and certifications
  • Extensive vendor auditing(pre/post) and annual vendor recognition awards and events
  • Active partner in designing the latest in chassis parts with major manufacturers
  • Active members and committee participants in both IANA and CVSA