Service and equipment availability are core values at CCM. CCM understands the impact that a lack of chassis availability can have on all parties in the supply chain as well as the related operational costs. CCM works closely with its terminal partners and members to forecast volumes and ensure that equipment is available to efficiently handle bookings and manage terminal fluidity. CCM's track record on service over the years has been impeccable due to their focus on equipment availability.

Flips and CCM's Service

FlipFlips are defined as lifting a container off a bad order chassis to a good order chassis or off the ground in the case that a chassis was not available.  

CCM has a proven record of providing chassis with a very low percentage of flips. CCM has consistently delivered 99% or above on chassis availability.

Data Quality

CCM is committed to its goal of providing best in class chassis management service to its membership. Data management plays a key role in the quality of service provided. The IT team at CCM has implemented a variety of controls, and balances across the business processes, thus facilitating the consistent and on time delivery of superior data quality.  

Data Processing Management

Data Processing ManagementA key facet of CCM's approach to providing superior quality data in a timely manner is continuous monitoring and analysis of the data quality. This includes daily, weekly and monthly reviews of the data created and updated by staff and systems for conformance, trend recognition and identification of patterns that can be automated. These rules are either implemented within the business application or using other tools eliminating the ongoing cost of staff repetitively correcting the issues.

Over the past several years CCM has invested in its systems to eliminate the need for repetitive updates. The chart below displays the percentage of the 1.8 million monthly chassis movement transactions that are provided by EDI, entered by Staff and created by an automation process. This demonstrates our commitment to driving administrative expenses out of our processes.

Fleet Inventory Management

Maintaining the most current and accurate chassis fleet profile is a top priority and includes ensuring the CCM pool contributors and facilities are all aware of which units are in the managed fleet. Also, as inspections are performed or updates to equipment are made, we make the corresponding updates to unit attributes within CCM's business applications and GIER.  These processes help avoid incorrect downstream effects on operations, repairs, billing and invoicing.  

In order to ensure that our data and our contributor's data stays in sync, we have developed an automated fleet reconciliation function. One of the reconciliations includes a comparison of our contributor's data to the updated data in our system. This process yields the updates that are missing which we deliver back to the contributors.  We also have an automated process that looks for discrepancies in the Transfer of Control process.

EDI Management

The volume and complexity of trade flows and use of non-standard EDI data sometimes causes issues with data transmitted to CCM's EDI engine. Not receiving all of the data on the managed fleet negatively impacts CCM's data quality; therefore a key performance indicator in our process is the measurement of transaction volumes received from facilities. CCM's business suite monitors the transaction volumes and identifies variances so they are quickly investigated. We also are able to quickly extract non-conforming data which when provided to trading partners allows them to trace the cause of the issue.

Billing Data Timeliness Management

The determination of which pool member is to be assigned the usage for a pool chassis is based on complex business rules implemented in CCM's business application. This process needs to be performed as quickly as possible and the data needs to be delivered to the pool member's systems so they can bill their customers. CCM has invested in it business application to minimize the manual effort required to cleanse data and improve its timeliness. The percentage of data ready for billing is 98.36% and the timeframe for completing this is 6 days.

Data Quality Management

CCM understands that its billing accuracy and the accuracy of their member's billing to their customers is dependent on the accuracy of the underlying data. CCM is committed to providing data to its membership as quickly as possible but not at the risk of reduced quality. CCM's business application contains over 100 routines that perform "verification and validation" checks to insure that all data elements are properly populated.

CCM measures the success of this process by the number of chassis activities disputed by members. The dispute ratio is 0.001% which roughly 50% of disputes result in no action due to CCM's data being correct.