Reo Chassis Depot

Important Information

Booking a Chassis

Four Steps to Using CCM Co-Op Pools

1.  AGREEMENTS:  Ensure you have valid interchange agreements with whomever you are pulling chassis for.  This may include the steamship line or one of the appointed Chassis Providers.  Click here to view current Providers by Pool.

2.  REGISTER ON CHASSISCHOICE.COM:  You will manage your agreements in the Provider Choice module and make your bookings within the Booking System module.  

3.  ACCEPT AND RANK YOUR AGREEMENTS:  To activate the Booking Module you must rank your agreements.  Click to confirm the agreement.  To rank, select the row and use the up or down arrows to change

4.  BOOKING SYSTEM:  Use the Booking System module to book bare chassis via

  • Bookings made via will expire as noted in the system
  • Bare pool chassis will no longer be dropped or picked up on Wando Terminal
  • Depot will only accept SACP pool chassis into inventory
  • No booking number necessary to drop a chassis

For more information on gate processes and terminal operations, please visit

Hours of Operation

Monday- Friday:  5:00am - 5:30pm

Saturday:  6:00am - 5:00pm

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