Using CCM Pools

Take control of your chassis costs

Sign up with a Provider or Join the Pool Directly.


Signing up with a provider:

  1. Daily rental with the ocean carrier's chosen chassis provider.
  2. Select your chassis provider within a CCM Pool by participating in the Choice Program

Joining the Pool Directly:

  1. Invest and Contribute your own Chassis (Become a member and provide chassis to the pool)
  2. Operate your own fleet (CCM can manage your private fleet)

Are you a Beneficial Cargo Owner, 3PL, NVO, or another entity?  Call us today and learn how you can take control of your chassis cost and start using the pool at 973-298-8900.


You will need to ensure that you have valid interchange agreements with whomever you are pulling chassis for, which may include the steamship line or one of the appointed chassis providers (DCLI, Flexi-Van, NACPC and Trac).

Log on to and complete the account set up and follow the registration prompts for Motor Carriers found in the top right corner. Once you log in you may accept the agreements.

You may sign up with multiple providers.  These agreements will appear in your account.  In your account you should rank them in order of preference by following the instructions below:

  1. Log into Go to CCM Pool Provider then Motor Carrier Provider Pool Ranking.
  2. Rank the providers by using the up and down button beside the agreements. Remember to click save after you have made your rankings.

Once your agreements are in place, to pick up a bare chassis you will need register on

If you are a BCO/NVO/FF, please contact us for more information.

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