06.29.2018COSCO GCCP Announcement


For GCCP Users, Members, Motor Carriers, Vendors & Partners

This message is for participants in the GCCP including depots, repair vendors, pool members, Motor Carriers, Ports & rails. Please share this with any party who may benefit from or need this information.

Effective July 1, 2018 COSCO will utilize GCCP chassis through their provider DCLI.

Most Rails & Ports will transition COSCO loads onto GCCP chassis by allowing COCSO containers to move on GCCP & Trac Intermodal chassis for a limited time.

Any repair vendors, operators or terminals that were not aware of this change please note & reply to Colin Bridle (cbridle@ccmpool.com) or Ron Sims (rsims@ccmpool.com) with any concerns or questions. GCCP must be included on all COSCO depot inventories, bad order counts, chassis requirements, edi activity, repair requests, mismatches & related issues. If in doubt on who or where to send your information please address questions to gccp@ccmpool.com .

Logistics questions including mismatches & ramp/port/city non M&R equipment issues should be addressed to gccp@ccmpool.com.

Bookings of bare chassis should be fulfilled through www.chassischoice.com

Repair related requests including rail ramp M&R issues should be sent to the closest city to below email addresses:


GCCP OTR repair vendor is Downtime, email: OTR@Downtimefleet.com