03.27.2020CCM Business Continuity Plan (COVID-19 Update)

As COVID-19 continues to progress and present significant challenges across all aspects of our lives, we are all making personal and professional adjustments to weather this storm.  With a volatile market and an uncertain future, our industry is looking to its intermodal partners to collaboratively address the current supply chain challenges as well as plan for those that lie ahead.   

CCM continues to monitor the situation closely and has taken steps to mitigate risks for employees by having all administrative staff work remotely until such time that risk is reduced.  

As your partner, CCM believes collaboration and communication have never been more important. During this time, we will be maintaining regular contact with our stakeholders and taking steps to ensure CCM and our partners are positioned for maximum efficiency as volumes return.

  • CCM's State-of-the-Art Technology has enabled CCM to move to a 100% remote operation with complete and secure access to all applications needed to run our business.  Because we already had in place our Disaster Recovery plan, which directs employees in impacted areas to work remotely, our IT team was prepared to implement a smooth and seamless transition to a completely remote workforce. With no downtime, our staff remained focused on our customers.
  • CCM's Operations and services, vital to assuring supply chain fluidity, continue with little to no interruption.  In preparation for the returning volumes, CCM has relocated and pre-staged chassis in multiple key markets.
  • CCM's Staff remains in good health, engaged, and supporting the organization as well as the country's efforts to flatten the curve by practicing social distancing and following disinfecting protocols, which we know are critical to slowing the spread of this virus.  

Our management team is committed to staying engaged with you.  Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. 

Along with health and safety, business continuity for us and our partners remains our top priority.