08.07.2019CCM Takes Chassis Management Application Suite In-House

To Meet Growing Demands in Evolving Industry Landscape

Consolidated Chassis Management (CCM), the leading chassis pool manager in the United States, announced that the company has officially brought the management of its chassis management application suite in house to improve upon the simplification of doing business for industry stakeholders with regard to their chassis provisioning.

In the past, CCM has contracted with Trans Tech Partners (TTP) to manage the application suite and going forward CCM will be taking control of the management of the technology implementation, business analysis, quality assurance, and the help desk functions.  CCM has built a strong project management team to lead this initiative to increase overall performance of the application suite for users. 

"Insourcing of CCM's applications is a natural progression for the company," says CCM CEO Mike Wilson. "TTP has been our partner for many years and we are grateful for the relationship we have with them as well as their cooperation during this time to ensure a smooth transition," said Wilson.

As demands on business increase and quick responses are required to keep up with the pace of change, CCM has identified this initiative as an integral step to take in its next phase of growth in line with its mission to operate the most efficient and collaborative chassis pools for stakeholders.  The following applications will be managed in-house where CCM will provide on-site management, data quality oversight and training for users as part of the insourcing of these applications:

"CCM remains committed to improving data quality and the systems involved in chassis management to deliver a reliable and streamlined experience for all stakeholders in the industry," says Wilson. "We will be able to provide solutions quicker to market and at a lower cost for the industry as our members and their customers seek to integrate new technologies to drive efficiencies and cost savings into their supply chain."

About CCM

CCM is the leading cooperative chassis pool manager, managing the combined fleet of multiple contributors to provide maximum equipment availability and facilitate ease of participation to all involved in intermodal freight transport.  CCM supports all chassis provisioning models and enables participants the ability to choose their chassis provider through CCM's Customer Choice Program.

Bringing together an experienced Logistics and M&R staff strategically stationed throughout each region, CCM is committed to high quality and reliable equipment to meet customers' needs.  The Chassis Management Application Suite provides a best-in-class platform for the management of chassis provisioning for all industry stakeholders, allowing CCM to effectively collaborate with steamship lines, railroads, ports and motor carriers at over 300 locations nationwide.