08.12.2019CCM Completes new M&R System Deployment

Simplifies the M&R Process Across All Pools

Consolidated Chassis Management (CCM), the leading chassis pool manager in the United States, is pleased to announce the successful deployment across all pools of the newly built MandR System (pronounced man-dar) for managing chassis maintenance and repair activities.  The completely intuitive system is not only fully integrated with the rest of CCM's Chassis Management Application Suite, but also accessible via mobile app. 

Through the integration of the new system, MandR will work behind the scenes to place units out of service (OOS) as they in gate and update IANA's Clearinghouse for Bad Order Equipment Status (BOES) if on a BOES facility, greatly enhancing the quality, service levels and cost control for the assets. The system will also manage both DVER and DVIR reports and record a motor carrier's pre trip, post trip, or both.  Being available as a mobile application for users facilitates an environment where more accurate and current information can be easily shared.  

"Utilizing this solution in conjunction with the rest of the supply chain supports an environment where we can share vital information and collaborate on an industry-wide level to support markets across the country," says CCM VP of Management Information Systems Tom Martucci. "The industry cannot afford to have platforms that do not easily and readily share information relevant to the health of intermodal equipment.  Focus must be placed on creating systems that exchange information flexibly and efficiently between all industry stakeholders. That was our philosophy when we built the MandR system and it is how CCM continues to approach our other management systems in the Chassis Management Application Suite," said Martucci. 

MandR is designed to simplify the estimating process and relieve the administrative burden of getting repair estimates approved to ensure the time and cost to get a chassis repaired are minimized. The system delivers detailed visibility into the M&R cycle and the associated costs.  CCM and maintenance partners will be able to communicate all M&R estimates, job orders, and details of the chassis with near real time updates and alert messages to maintenance partners as changes are made.  The system is not constrained to use within the CCM pool environment; it is also available to be utilized for asset management of those looking to enhance the safety, service levels and cost control of their assets.

About CCM

CCM is the leading cooperative chassis pool manager, managing the combined fleet of multiple contributors to provide maximum equipment availability and facilitate ease of participation to all involved in intermodal freight transport.  CCM supports all chassis provisioning models and enables participants the ability to choose their chassis provider through CCM's Customer Choice Program.  Bringing together an experienced Logistics and M&R staff strategically stationed throughout each region, CCM is committed to high quality and reliable equipment to meet customers' needs.  The Chassis Management Application Suite provides a best-in-class platform for the management of chassis provisioning for all industry stakeholders, allowing CCM to effectively collaborate with steamship lines, railroads, ports and motor carriers at over 300 locations nationwide.