10.30.2019Annual Partners in Excellence Award Recipients

Lowest Out-of-Service Percentage and Best Overall Audit Scores Recognized

Consolidated Chassis Management (CCM) has announced the recipients of its 2019 Maintenance Partner Award program. Now in their eighth consecutive year, the 2019 Awards recognize vendors that have demonstrated an exceptional commitment to quality, safety and service in 2018.  The Awards are given to partners in each of CCM's pools in two categories:  Lowest Out-of-Service (OOS) Percentage and Best Overall Audit Scores. 

"When it comes to CCM ensuring our customers high quality equipment as well as optimized productivity, we are only as strong as our weakest link," said Michael Wilson, CEO of CCM. "We believe it is essential, therefore, that we closely audit the M&R patterns, and honor our maintenance partners whose commitment to quality and safety make them dependable partners."

The awards take into account the following criteria:

  • Units placed OOS during the audit process
  • Citations issued at roadside inspections
  • Ability to maintain high service levels to better supply chain fluidity
  • Availability of high quality equipment for operational efficiency

The OOS is the most critical of the roadside inspections because a failure results in a unit shutting down and requiring immediate repair before it can continue its workload.   Because OOS has such a dramatic impact on productivity, CCM highlights its partners with the fewest OOS units.  The recipients of the Best Overall Audit Award are recognized for both low OOS as well as the fewest citations at a simulated roadside inspection. 

The 2019 CCM Maintenance Partner Award Recipients are as follows:

Chicago and Ohio Valley Consolidated Chassis Pool (COCP)
  • OOS Award -- llinois Transport, Inc., Wilmington Container Yard, Wilmington, IL
  • Best Overall Audit Award -- Illinois Transport, Inc., Wilmington Container Yard, Wilmington, IL
Denver Consolidated Chassis Pool (DCCP)
  • OOS Award -- North American Enterprises, Inc., Union Pacific Terminal, Denver, CO
  • Best Overall Audit Award -- Intermountain Welding and Equipment Inc., Salt Lake City, UT
Gulf Consolidated Chassis Pool (GCCP)
  • OOS Award -- Twin Cities Services, Inc., Twin Cities Depot, Santa Teresa, NM
  • Best Overall Audit Award -- Cooper/Ports America, LLC, C/PA Barbours Cut Terminal, Houston, TX
Mid-South Consolidated Chassis Pool (MCCP)
  • OOS Award -- IMCG Maintenance and Repair, LLC, IMCG Depot, Memphis, TN
  • Best Overall Audit -- Container Maintenance Corporation, Clarke Depot, Memphis, TN
Midwest Consolidated Chassis Pool (MWCP)
  • OOS Award -- Arrowhead Intermodal Services, LLC BNSF, Logistics Park, KS
  • Best Overall Audit -- Affton Trucking Company, Inc., Affton Depot, St. Louis, MO
South Atlantic Consolidated Chassis Pool (SACP)
  • OOS Award – First Coast Depot Services, LLC, Atlanta, GA
  • Best Overall Audit – Coastal Great Southern, GPA, Garden City, GA

Mr. Wilson noted that "we take enormous pleasure in honoring these maintenance partners that share our commitment to providing safe and roadworthy equipment." Looking ahead to next year's awards, CCM will utilize its newly deployed MandR asset management system to conduct the auditing process.  Fully rolled out to all maintenance partners in each of its pools in 2019, MandR tracks maintenance and repair history, reduces administrative burden and delivers detailed visibility into the M&R cycle, including associated costs.

Mr. Wilson added: "Those who provide what we consider top-notch services are pivotal in the success of an efficient supply chain. We at CCM believe that public recognition of these providers is warranted and we offer a hearty thank you to them all on behalf of all of us at CCM."