09.18.2018Choice of Chassis Provider Program hits 300 participants

BCO's and Motor Carriers Choosing their Chassis Provider

We are pleased to announce the Choice of Chassis Provider Program hit 300 beneficial cargo owner and motor carrier participants this month.  These BCO's and motor carriers participating in the Choice Program are able to set their own terms and their own rates with their preferred chassis provider.  The program fosters a competition amongst the community and supports multiple contribution models while fairly balancing the needs of the diverse stakeholders.

"Eastman Chemical began using the chassis choice of provider program in the South Atlantic Chassis Pool back in August 2014. The platform that CCM provided has allowed us to gain efficiency and cost savings through our chassis provider," said Klaus Schnede of Eastman Chemical.

CCM is the only pool to offer the intermodal community Choice of Chassis Provider.  With the BCO and motor carrier being faced with the need to pay for chassis at a greater frequency it also becomes a burden on the administrative team to process chassis invoices as they can be difficult and time-consuming for employees to address.  Employers end up having to hire additional staff to handle the invoices and employees end up spending disproportionate amounts of time going over charges to confirm accuracy. Through the Choice Program BCO's and motor carriers can consolidate their shipments and receive one bill from their preferred provider.

"The Choice Program allows chassis customers to focus on providing and maintaining a safe and consistent service for their customers," said Jon Poelma, President & Chief Operating Officer of Consolidated Chassis Management.  "Furthermore participants have the option to negotiate their rate and terms, creating the potential for cost reductions which can in turn be passed on to their customers."

"CCM's Choice of Chassis Provider Program has added long term value and efficiencies to the seafreight drayage solutions we offer to our customer. We started using the program back in 2016 and continue to focus on passing that value and efficiency down to our customers regardless of their unique requirement, size of their business or location," said Mark Bartmann, Senior Director of Seafreight Drayage Solutions of Kuehne & Nagel.

Expanding on the efficiency of the program, CCM recently developed the capability to transmit and process shipment data pertaining to chassis provisioning terms.  The feature is designed to make it easier for all intermodal participants to communicate these terms across any contribution model. 

"This expansion in our capabilities can further assist the intermodal community at no extra cost," said Poelma.  "We believe that not only will this add much needed efficiency to the intricacies of chassis provisioning but also alleviate the burdens on stakeholders as the industry and its chassis provisioning evolve."