07.17.2020Executive Leadership Team Update

By Ken Tock, VP Product Development

Greetings and thanks for the opportunity to reach out to all of you. It is hard to believe that as I write this we are entering our 5th month of working away from the office. Things today may not look that much different than when it all started, although toilet paper is now in better supply and we are told that masks, in fact, do work. This unusual situation has evolved into somewhat of a new normal. In certain parts of the country, some semblance of normalcy has returned, albeit normal now includes wearing masks into restaurants and sitting six-feet apart from the other people. In other parts, the effects of the disease have either gotten worse or regressed. The debate about schools has every parent wondering what the fall will bring.   We have all types of thoughts  swimming around in our heads, including: Is a vaccine coming? When will it be available? Will it work? With all of this, it can be hard to see an end in sight. At this point, all we can do is be patient and vigilant and do our part to collectively help see us all through this.

For most of us, working from home has meant developing a new routine. Dogs barking, children asking for snacks and the noise from our neighbor's roofing project have now become accepted parts of our daily workday. Skype, Microsoft Teams and other such technologies have kept us in touch and forced good grooming habits. Video and conference calls are the new norm as we strive to stay connected and ensure the business needs are being met. We know other companies face these same challenges and have done their best to meet them. 

At CCM, we are fortunate to have a top-notch group of people working diligently every day to ensure responsiveness to inquiries and to make sure that equipment is ready where and when it is needed.  It must also be said that thanks to our state-of-the-art  IT systems, working virtually can be done seamlessly. These two main pillars; superior customer service delivered by our organization and cutting-edge technology to support them,  have helped us meet the needs of our contributor customers and all the other stakeholders who use the pools. We thank all of you for your continued efforts.  

This will pass, although right now we are all wondering when. In the meantime keep smiling, stay focused, and most of all stay safe. Wishing you all the best.

Ken Tock

VP, Product Development