07.24.2020Executive Leadership Team Update

By Gene Bambach, Director of Business Partner Relations

I trust this letter finds you and your loved ones safe and sound amid the pandemic. After these last 19 weeks, we emerge more battle-tested than ever as we continue to address the everchanging challenges to the U.S. supply chain. Having come from a tough, demanding work environment, we learned COVID 19 cannot slow us down.

In my position at CCM, I am in constant communications with the entire cross-section of industry stakeholders. Railroads and motor carriers, two of the primary stakeholders I frequently speak with, are undoubtedly backbones, not only to the transportation network but also the nation's well-being. While railroads are a mega unit of transportation and drivers are the smallest unit of transportation, it takes both of these links in the supply chain, and everyone in between, to keep goods moving.

In recent conversations, one question many stakeholders had in common; is CCM working from home? Noticing that the various CCM teams are performing at the same standard as pre-pandemic levels, many of those we do business with have been wondering if we were back working in the office or if in fact, we were still working from home. Like a road-ready chassis, there are many important moving parts at CCM; some complex, some tedious, some moving independently, and some moving in complete tandem with one another. Each part is just as important and vital as the next to the overall health and effective operation of CCM and each keeps us performing at the standard our customers have come to expect and depend on.

As our businesses continue to transform conditions of working from home and others are creating and implementing return to work plans, it is important to turn this transition into a positive – not just for ourselves but for all our CCM stakeholders across the entire supply chain and the world at large. Each of us provides a vital link in the supply chain, contributing to meeting the world's shipping needs, providing tremendous value to communities as part of the critical supply chain infrastructure. Every day offers an opportunity to improve on our business processes. Driving increased value for customers requires patience, participation and perseverance to keep evolving.

Looking forward to the next few weeks and months to come, I am excited to see CCM take the next steps and begin engaging in a return to work strategy as we take yet another step closer to the new normal. As we continue to see, joining right ideas with right actions will deliver the right results and victory is in sight!

Stay well and thank you for your valued efforts.

Gene Bambach

Director, Business Partner Relations