10.09.2020Executive Leadership Team Update

by Bob Kline, Director of Operations, Midwest Region

It was Friday the  13th in March when I was returning home from a Chicago trip prior to CCM's decision to work from home.  I was at the Midway Airport when I ended my work day with a phone conversation with my boss. While I can't remember the whole conversation about the work-from-home decision, I am positive neither one of us predicted how the next seven months would look.  My boss ended the call with "Safe travels, Bob"; these were more than kind words during an uncertain time.   

I am thankful for the efficiency and resourcefulness of our IT staff, which has allowed everyone to work from home without a glitch. CCM's existing systems, which the team relies to conduct day-to-day business operations, were already configured and built in such a way that whether the team was in the field socially distancing or at home working remotely from 1,000 miles across the country, information continued to flow in real time and jobs continued to get done.   I would not even try to speculate as to what it takes to make an organization successful while working remotely; however, I am certain it takes a lot of hard work to make it seamless.  Our IT Department has allowed us to service our customers in countless ways, such as communication, reports and EDI transmissions to name a few. 

One of the many other things that stands out is the creativity of our field staff and their ability to continue to service our customers.  These folks are able to provide guidance to all of our M&R maintenance partners while finding a way to social distance and safely engage.  The field staff has also been able to perform other duties including pre and post audits, securing photos for chassis and tracking down aged chassis in the rail terminals and ports.

Just like on Friday the 13th, I won't be able to predict how the next seven months will look, but I know that with the same dedication and resourcefulness CCM and the rest of the supply chain has shown in the past months, we will continue to be successful.  Safe travels, everyone.