07.31.2020Executive Leadership Team Update

By Thomas Martucci, VP Technology

 Thank you for taking a couple of minutes out of your schedule. I trust you and your families are doing well. As some of you may know, I live in New York, and early on, the lack of cars, people and noise was difficult to get used to. For months, we have been wondering what the new norm would look like, how society would begin to operate in it and now we can see we are living it; people with masks, gloves and hand sanitizer at every counter. We have learned that--depending on your preferred media outlet--that information about the virus, treatment and antibodies may or may not be accurate. Living in one of the pandemic pressure cookers, I can tell you that several of my own family members contracted the virus early on. This is real and not just a number we hear on the evening news.

Throughout these last 5 months, we have seen this is not business as usual. I recall 21 weeks ago Mike Wilson walking into my office and asking me if we could mobilize and work remotely. Fortunately, CCM had already invested in an infrastructure that supported a remote staff and we easily transitioned. I have heard from several technology colleagues whose companies were not as fortunate whereby it became a fire drill to create such an infrastructure to support remote work. I would like to acknowledge not only the flexibility but also the persistence of the supply chain. As many stakeholders have made changes to their practices, the industry has adjusted processes and adapted well. Furthermore, it is important to recognize that in times of confusion some people look to capitalize. That said, cyber-attacks are up 75% in the recent months and as such we all must remain vigilant and well-equipped to recognize and prevent ourselves from falling victim to these attacks. I am happy to report that not a single person at CCM fell for the Phishing attempt from the World Health Organization or Adobe last week.

As we approach peak season and the threat of a second surge of the virus approaches, the only thing that is certain is we will continue to be challenged. Regardless if you are continuing to work from home, back in the office, or have been working in the field since the onset of this, I am confident that we will get through this together.

Stay safe. Do not let you guard down and I want to thank each of you for your professionalism and commitment to keeping the supply chain moving forward.