08.28.2020EXECUTIVE Leadership Team Update

by Ken Tock, VP Product Development

 Hard to believe summer is coming to a close already, and here we are working from home for nearly six months. Kudos to all across the supply chain for working together to keep goods flowing.

We are seeing a return of business with higher utilization in the pools, and hearing about increased use in certain markets across the country. Fortunately, we maintained our policy during down periods to keep repairing equipment to ensure that when the cargo returned we would be ready. And I am proud to say that we are, in fact, ready.  Our operations teams should be commended for their planning and execution of this.

In other news, CCM recently began M&R Management for a newly formed chassis operation and have other exciting initiatives that we will be announcing soon. We continue to stay focused on the tasks at hand and providing high service levels to our customers as the supply chain continues to evolve.

On the personal side, I ask you to stay vigilant, safe and healthy. Take a walk and enjoy those upcoming fall colors. And take care of yourself and others.  And speaking of walking, the Harvard Medical School released findings about the benefits of walking that may surprise you.  

  • It counteracts the effects of weight-promoting genes.
  • It helps tame a sweet tooth.
  • It reduces the risk of developing breast cancer.
  • It eases joint pain.
  • It boosts immune function.

To read the full article on these benefits, click Harvard Medical School--Benefits of Walking. There are a dozen or so more walking "facts" you'll find on the internet if you type in "facts about walking," including the mental as well as physical benefits of taking a break and enjoying the fresh air.