08.07.2020Executive Leadership Team Update

By Timothy J. Sibley, VP Finance & Accounting

As the head of Finance for Consolidated Chassis Management, I had two initial concerns for my team as we transitioned into a fully remote workforce: How would the disruptions to our daily routines impact the ability to do our basic job functions and what was the best way to continue to support our internal and external stakeholders?

CCM finance is centered on tightly focused teams for accounting, billing, damage recovery, and risk management. Each team is cross-trained and, on many core job functions, several team members are capable of "tag teaming" tasks in order to complete them in the most productive manner. My initial concerns were that the requirement to work remotely would reduce my team's ability to collaborate and the department's productivity and efficiency would decline; it takes an entire crew working together and communicating effectively in order to adjust the sails to set and follow a new course.

Upon recent review, I proudly noted that the Finance team is performing on par with their efficient performance prior to COVID-19. While speaking with my executive colleagues this past week, I found they also felt their functions were performing well. The underlying reasons for the successful transition to working remotely are shared by all of the executive leadership; CCM's Finance team has good people and even with the adversity of working remotely, pulled together. When they could not do a role or process in the established way, as teams, they "adjusted their sails" and found ways to make it work in order to continue to provide excellent service to our customers.

CCM is not the only organization to have "adjusted their sails" in response to the pandemic. The entire supply chain has met the challenge and responded appropriately as the new normal emerges for conducting business as well as going about our personal lives. As one of America's most quoted writers, William Arthur Ward said, "The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails."