Hurricane Isaias UPDATES

Friday, July 31, 2020

Consolidated Chassis Management is closely monitoring Hurricane Isaias as it prepares to impact South Florida early Saturday morning and move up through Central Florida throughout the weekend with hurricane force winds.

The South Atlantic Consolidated Chassis Pool is engaging with potentially impacted chassis pool locations to ensure chassis are strategically positioned throughout the region.  We will continue to stay in close contact with all Terminals, Maintenance Partners, Ramps, and Coast Guard to ensure we are up to date concerning the forecast and potentially impacted areas.  As we continue to watch the storm make progress up the coast, we will provide market-specific information for Coastal Terminal locations.

At this time, all ports remain open to traffic.

CCM preparation efforts include:

  • a focus on building AV stacks to be ready in the event they are needed in an affected market
  • considerations given to low lying areas with steps to ensure we're protected in those areas
  • Emergency response procedures are in place to ensure coverage for logistics and M&R

Key messages from NOAA.GOV on Hurricane Isaias can be found here.

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