12.19.2017New Banking Partner

Finds Cost Savings with JP Morgan Chase

Consolidated Chassis Management has partnered with JP Morgan Chase as their new banking partner and plans for further enhancements to increase functionality and reduce costs.   JP Morgan is a full service financial provider and has several other customers in the Transportation industry. 

Since changing partners, simplified ACH payment transactions and automation has streamlined many processes further enhancing the availability of company time for focus elsewhere.   "It is important to find a partner you can build a relationship with who shares a common vision and meets your requirements," said Lorraine Soos, VP Finance. 

All of CCM's banking transactions including deposits, wire transfers and vendor payments are now being handled through the Chase online product.  Over the summer CCM began working with JPM partners to start the implementation process with CCM's finance team to open accounts, set up all vendors, customers and employee payments on the new platform.  The transition also included training on the use of Chase product as well as the coordination of all pool customers, who electronically pay, to change banking particulars to JPM.

CCM's working partnership with JPM Chase will be exploring opportunities in automation and other cost savings projects such as the use of digital payment methods as well as enhanced automation of the vendor payment process.

"The shipping landscape is rapidly evolving as trade drives into the digital era.  Companies are finding savings and efficiency through the use of new technologies in their supply chain.  As a chassis pool manager it is one of our jobs to identify cost savings opportunities and leverage the latest offerings in technology," said Jon Poelma, President and COO.