New Build Chassis Deployment

"Maximize availability, utilization, and value; minimize redundancy, congestion and waste"

December 28, 2017.  We are pleased to announce  that 1,200 new chassis builds are deploying to numerous locations across the COCP and SACP.   These chassis will all enter the co-op environment. 

The increased chassis inventory in the COCP and SACP is in response to anticipated continued growth of cargo volumes in key markets this coming year.


270 x 40ft and 90 x 20ft

Moving to Chicago, started to arrive last week

150 x 40ft

Moving to Columbus, started to arrive last week


540 x 40ft and 150 x 20ft

Moving to Savannah, starting to arrive

Just as a reminder, to reserve Premium Units in our Premium Pools (GPCP, SPCP), please register on

To book a bare chassis in the Co-Op Pool (COCP, DCCP, GCCP, MCCP, MWCP, SACP), please register on

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