10.04.2017New Wellness Program

Helping employees lower cost of health insurance

Consolidated Chassis Management is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Orriant to provide its employees with a new comprehensive employee wellness program. The program rewards employees who adopt healthier more active lifestyles, by reducing their individual medical premiums.  The program's built in accountability engages employees by enabling them to create their own individual standards and to determine individual goals. Each goal is designed to help them meet their individual wellness objectives.  This program is available to CCM employees, spouses and any adult dependents on the medical plan.

"CCM's goal is to take a pro-active stance on controlling health insurance costs while at the same time engaging its employees in a program that will benefit their overall wellness.  Since everyone is at a different starting point, we decided that we cannot set a single standard for wellness but instead ensure a focus on wellness and on making continuous progress.  We encourage our employees and their families to focus on overall health so that they can have the energy to live a more active lifestyle and create the life they want.  This means providing them with the appropriate tools so they can take active steps towards physical, emotional and financial well-being.  We found a partner in Orriant, and we are confident that together we can offer the tools needed to succeed.  CCM offers employees the opportunity to reduce their medical premiums, in return for committing to wellness, "says Jon Poelma, Senior Vice President/Chief Operating Officer of CCM. 

Orriant provides CCM employees with access to Certified Health Coaches who assist in setting and reaching personalized wellness goals. "Orriant Health Coaches use proven best practices of engaging population behavior change by meeting each person where they are making the program hyper-individualized", says Orriant CEO Darrell Moon. The Wellness Program's motivational component engages participants in a variety of ways including webinars, wellness challenges, competitions and more. There is an online portal and mobile application where employees can monitor progress, track goals and compete in challenges.

CCM employee participation is presently at 63%, which is well above the national standard for first year participation; estimated at an average of 32%.

Employees are required to earn a minimum of 25 points each quarter for completion of various wellness activities, which they choose from a list of options ranging from preventative medical check-ups to drinking water, walking, eating healthy snacks, smoking cessation, etc.  During the first quarter, employees participated in an annual wellness exam and assessment, allowing them to gain the benefit of earning points and a preventative care appointment at no extra cost.   In coming days, CCM will release an employer subsidy program to promote the use of Fitbit activity trackers. These devices will aid employees in monitoring daily activity, as well as participation in upcoming wellness challenges.

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