03.20.2018important information regarding O.N.E. and your chassis provisioning

Effective April 1, 2018 MOL, NYK and K-Line will merge into a single carrier known as Ocean Network Express (O.N.E.). 

  • ONE sailings will commence in April, empties will start going out for export bookings now and increase throughout the month. Imports will start arriving in April
  • Chassis have begun being released for ONE bookings.
  • Beginning Monday March 19th empty containers on chassis at the most interior depots will transfer from KL, MOL and NYK over to ONE.

Using the Choice of Chassis Provider Program?

O.N.E. will offer choice of chassis provider in CCM Pools with their approval.  In order to obtain approval you must reach out to O.N.E. via the contact below.

  • All exceptions or redirection of use that has been requested to CCM will no longer be switched to Motor Carrier or BCO nominated chassis providers as of March 31st unless you have an approval.
  • Once an approval is obtained please forward it to CustomerService@ccmpool.com including all applicable SCACs. If you have any questions please contact us.