05.13.2020CCM Enhances Booking Application with QR Code Functionality

Convenient technology enables contactless, fast, and efficient transactions for drivers using the REO Chassis Depot at Wando Welch Terminal

Consolidated Chassis Management (CCM), the leading interoperable gray chassis pool manager in the United States, announces the addition of QR code functionality to its ChassisChoice.com booking application system. Utilizing smartphone technology, this enhancement enables swift, contactless transactions for drivers in the South Atlantic Consolidated Chassis Pool (SACP) who use the REO Chassis Depot at the Wando Welch Terminal.

Now, when a customer creates or modifies a booking through ChassisChoice.com, CCM will include QR codes in the confirmation emails to truckers as well as dispatchers informing the facility that a booking has been generated.  By incorporating this convenient mobile technology, QR code functionality will enable faster turnaround times at the REO Chassis Depot.

"The QR code allows the driver to scan in the details of an order rather than manually key in the booking number. This not only enhances efficiency and reduces human error, but it also minimizes contact between the driver and the dispatcher, which is especially important right now," said Mike Wilson, CEO at CCM. "Today's marketplace requires we continue to identify operational efficiencies that promote supply chain fluidity."

With the new feature, each booking receives a unique QR code, which, when scanned at a facility kiosk, eliminates the need to key in the booking number manually. With a simple scan of the QR code from a smartphone, booking data on a driver's order can immediately be accessed and recorded at that location and time. 

Once the code is read, a brief tone will be heard, the booking number will be displayed in the kiosk, and the driver can continue onward.  This streamlined, contactless process enhances the overall customer experience while facilitating transaction efficiency.

Additionally, QR code functionality greatly improves safety at the kiosk; now, drivers are not required to leave their truck cab to enter the code. This represents an enhancement to the previous practice of stepping out of the cab  in order to enter the code, which, in addition to not being the safest process, also led to code entry errors. 

"At CCM, we aim to reduce the amount of time a driver spends waiting at the gate. Simply scanning the QR code enables faster and more efficient transactions. Our customers will benefit from a seamless transaction at the depot, allowing them to get to their final destination faster," said Tom Martucci, Vice President - Management Information Systems at CCM.

There will be one QR code generated per booking, which will remain valid for the duration of the booking. If a change is made to the booking, a new QR code will be generated. The QR code function is designed for scanning from a smartphone, but if a driver opts not to use a smartphone, the booking code size will be shorted and can be manually entered upon arrival at the depot.  Also, the driver may use the email, either printed or on their phone to scan the QR code upon arrival at the depot.

"CCM is constantly looking for ways to incorporate convenience and efficiency to address our customers' evolving needs for transactional velocity," said Mr. Martucci. "The introduction of QR code functionality is an example of how CCM is using a versatile, contactless technology to provide greater flexibility and convenience for our customers, and ultimately a better experience when it comes to managing their transportation needs."