08.31.2017NEW Toll Program

Consolidated Chassis Management is pleased to announce that it has contracted with American Traffic Solutions in an effort to make the handling of unpaid tolls a more consistent and less administratively burdensome process.

The current toll process involves pool members being invoiced by tolling authorities and rebilling to CCM, who in turn invoices chassis users and motor carriers for the toll charges.  The new process streamlines the toll procedure as ATS will handle toll charges on chassis contributed into CCM pools.  Anytime a toll is not paid, via transponder or license plate, the toll will be immediately handled by ATS on behalf of CCM.

"CCM will pay for the tolls on behalf of the contributor and will identify and invoice the appropriate motor carrier on the User's behalf," Jon Poelma, Chief Operating Officer/Senior Vice President said.  "As an integrated chassis pool manager, we do not own chassis; we manage the assets from several contributors that are then used by all the same contributors.  We needed a way to facilitate a toll process that minimized the administrative burden on our members while eliminating preventable expenses.  Contracting with ATS provides the solution needed to pass on efficiency and savings to all parties involved."

An unpaid toll can often consist of four components: 
  • the cost of the toll
  • the charge for violation
  • the charge for late payment (if applicable)
  • the cost of any administrative or processing costs. 

CCM's new toll process eliminates two of the components including the charge for violation and the possibility of being charged a late payment.  Chassis users gain the benefit of a process that expedites and regulates the frequency of toll invoice receipts, keeping unnecessary costs to a minimum.  If a transponder and/or tractor license plate is inaccessible or unreadable the chassis license plate will be read and the chassis user will be rebilled by CCM which will include the charge for the toll and a small administrative fee.

This process will become effective for toll charges incurred on and after September 1, 2017.  Toll charges received by members prior to this date should follow the current procedure.  There will be a $5 administrative fee for each toll CCM will pass on to the User of the chassis and to the motor carrier who had the chassis in use at the time of the toll charge.  CCM will continue to explore additional areas with ATS including red light, parking and other violations. 

Please contact for more details.