09.12.2018Wellness Initiative Success

Last year CCM partnered with Orriant, a corporate wellness program to provide employees with a new comprehensive employee wellness program.  After one year in the program, we are delighted to see that participants show improvement in all Health Risk Categories. 

The company's vision when originally partnering with Orriant was to reward employees who adopt healthier more active lifestyles by reducing their medical premium.  The built-in accountability engaged employees by enabling them to create their individual standards and determine goals.

Bio-metric comparisons of 106 participants who enrolled for the duration of the program (2017-2018) indicate the following results:

The average at-risk blood glucose improved by 15%
Results of the snapshot indicate an increase in all wellness categories
18% of Participants reduced their bio-metric risk count
10% of participants lost at least 5% of their total body weight

Employees were required to earn a minimum of 25 points each quarter for completion of various wellness activities, which they chose from a list of options including but not limited to preventative medical check-ups, drinking more water, walking, eating healthy snacks, smoking cessation and volunteer work.

Some of the various initiatives that took place during the year, earning employees points, included "Walktoberfest" where participants competed individually against one another to obtain the most steps in the month of October.   Another initiative in early spring, Habitat for Humanity, supported employees in our headquarters location to take part in volunteering on site, assisting the Habitat team.

"Whether sitting behind a computer screen for the better part of eight hours or outside inspecting chassis in harsh weather, it is important to us that our employees achieve and maintain all aspects of good health including physical, emotional and financial health.  It has tremendous positive results not only for the company but also for home life,"  said Jon Poelma, President & COO of CCM.

CCM's goal was to take a pro-active stance on controlling health insurance costs while at the same time engaging employees in a program that would benefit their overall wellness.  Instead of setting a single standard for wellness the objective was to ensure a focus on wellness and making continuous progress. 

"We are providing the appropriate tools so our employees can take active steps toward physical, emotional and financial well-being.  While doing so we also offer employees the opportunity to reduce their medical premiums in return for committing to wellness," said Poelma.

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