Join the Pool Directly

By contributing chassis and joining the pool directly you will become part of the CCM Membership. 

The CCM chassis pool model has proven to be the most efficient operation for pool participants, intermodal terminals and motor carriers. Chassis Pool members, also known as the "Providers", contribute chassis to the common pool and have access to pool chassis at all common locations.

CCM Pools are "open membership" cooperative chassis pools
  • Pool managed M&R to FMCSA Guidelines
  • Low Cost of Operations
  • Cost pass-through basis


Costs in CCM Pools reflect costs that are incurred in the operation of the pool along with a share of administrative costs. These costs are shared by established formulas and standards.

For more information on our formulas and standards, access the CCM Pools Operations Manual.

Click here to view the average expenses charged to members over 6 months, per usage day per chassis.


CCM Members (also known as Providers) benefit from a significant reduction in chassis management cost and increased service when compared to the alternatives.

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Who can be a member?

Membership in CCM pools is available to a broad range of intermodal industry participants, including ocean carriers, shippers/consignees, equipment leasing companies, motor carriers, terminal operators, logistics companies and other entities wishing to benefit from superior service and economies of scale.

The following PDF is provided as a guideline for those who are interested in becoming new members of the CCM pools.