Membership Benefits

Attributes of the CCM Pool model include:

  • Motor carriers, shippers, and others can join CCM Pools
  • Operates on a cost pass through basis with no profit
  • Provides for a single pool for all users that wish to participate
  • Will allow several neutral pool operators in each CCM pool
  • Allows flexibility to accommodate non-contributors through neutral pools members
  • Facilitates chassis pool terminal efficiencies

CCM Pools address the industry needs

CCM Pools address the industry needs, mandated by many ports and railroads, that there is only one primary chassis pool operating at a given terminal facility. The Pools support these requirements for a single pool by allowing chassis leasing companies to continue their "neutral pool" leasing businesses from within the CCM pool. Motor carriers and other entities are also able to become members of the CCM Pools.

"Maximize availability, utilization and value"

"Minimize redundancy, congestion and waste"

CCM Insurance Program

The successful startup of CCM pools to date has allowed CCM to develop more competitive insurance coverage for chassis usage. Many members have seen reductions in their insurance rates as a result of CCM bringing additional insurers into the market. Pool members also now have the option to insure against liabilities arising from the use of pool chassis on public roads (over-the-road coverage).