Data Certification

CCM's chassis tracking system is the most advanced in the industry. The reliability, quality and timeliness of the data in CCM's system is maintained at the highest standard.

CCM employs a team of Data Analysts who are dedicated to review and as necessary correct the chassis movement data received from over 325 facilities. They ensure that all on and off terminal chassis moves have been captured and that chassis usage is assigned properly to each of the pool participants. In the instances where movement data is not provided by our EDI trading partners, the analysts:

  • Contact the EDI trading partner to ensure there is not a technical issue
  • Research the missing data on the facility, Ocean Carrier, or other industry websites
  • Contact facility personnel for missing activity
  • Request the TIR from the motor carrier

These missing activities remain open until one of the above steps yield the missing data. Below is a count of the missing moves under investigation by pool:


Each Wednesday, senior staff perform a series of quality control tests on the data to ensure various data anomalies have been handled correctly and that chassis usage is assigned to the correct pool participant. The completion of the quality control process is referred to as "certification". The information below indicates the status of the data in each of CCM's Chassis Pools.  

Cleansed Thru
16-Nov 16-Nov 16-Nov 16-Nov 16-Nov 16-Nov
Certified Date
15-Nov 15-Nov 15-Nov 15-Nov 15-Nov 15-Nov