Management Systems

CCM's technology is state of the art and designed to meet today and tomorrow's needs for all aspects of chassis management. Our Management Information Systems are configurable which allow us to quickly adapt for customization and changing business priorities that leads to driving costs out of chassis operations. It is designed to meet all the needs of managing a fleet of chassis including proactive tools to meet FMCSA roadability requirements.


The Chassis Management System (CMS) integrates near real time movement data with parameter driven business rules to produce operational and usage billing information. CMS was designed to support CCM's Co-operative Chassis Pools which incorporates service and information to multiple entities with various roles, including: Ocean Carriers, Leasing Companies, Ocean Terminals, Rail Terminals, Inland Depots, Motor Carriers, and M&R Service Companies. The system enforces the CCM operating procedures fostering consistency across the multi-pool network and providing visibility to CCM management and all Pool members.

What makes CCM's Chassis Management System "Best in Class"?

  • The application is newly built specifically to support today's chassis models
  • Scalability was built into the design and the system is highly configurable to changing requirements and adaptations
  • CCM's staff has extensive system design, application, and operations management experience
  • Activities tracked include on-terminal usage at rail and ocean terminals
  • The accuracy of CCM's data allows Pool participants to rely on the data to bill their customers
  • The timeliness of billing quality data is the best in the industry and continues to be improved

Unit Lookup functionality on the webpage allows anyone to enter a chassis number and if the units being managed in one of the CCM Chassis Pools, the system will display attributes of the chassis and the last three movement activities in pool locations. (M&R & Roadability)

CCM's Maintenance & Repair system is recognized as the best in the industry. CCM repair vendors can submit job order estimates for approval using the online system or via EDI. CCM is able to effectively monitor repairs and expenses down to each light bulb on each chassis. An inventory management module links parts inventories to repairs. Built in audits & validations are configurable that typically include prevention of duplicate repairs and warnings of repairs performed prematurely while also validating that the chassis was at the expected location at time of repair. The systematic inspections are recorded for monitoring compliance with FMCSA regulations. The System also provides a platform to the intermodal industry to manage the driver vehicle inspection (DVIR) process. DVIRs are electronically or manually submitted by motor carriers and then automatically distributed to repair vendors, facilities and intermodal equipment providers for their actions.

return locations was developed for equipment providers to post their equipment return requirements and to simplify notification to motor carriers as allowed for under E1 of the UIIA. The notification capability gives motor carriers a single place to go in order to subscribe to email distribution groups to get advance email notifications of changes to equipment provider return requirements.


CCM offers state of the art technology which offers an unrivaled chassis management experience that is constantly being improved.